I make stuff.

I've done a few game jams in the past, including a 24 hour jam that was quite fun.  

However, this is the only entry I've been able to find any material of on any of my drives.


Titled "Lonely Island", this game was created in ~3 weeks for the Indie Game Maker jam/contest in 2015.  My goal was to create a walking simulator with a world that grows as the play progresses.  I originally started with the plan to model everything by myself for the game, but I wasn't entirely happy with the rocks and trees, so I ended up using some 3rd party assets for those.

 The game featured day and night states, rain, minimal lock and key mechanisms to progress to new areas, and trees being planted as the player traverses the terrain.  The trees would then grow over the course of the game.  Growth rates would be affected by rainfall.

 This project was created using Unity3d and Blender.