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A couple of websites I put together for a friend's business.

Invisible Business Solutions

Notary Spokane

CSCD 378

Finished assignments from my web development class.

Lonely Island

A game I made for a jam a couple years back. I don't remember who hosted it, just that the theme was "growth."

Its not terribly long and kind of complete with little to no tutorialization. I made it in Unity3d using some models I made myself in Blender and some from the Asset Store over the course of a few days.

It controls with a keyboard and mouse.

You can try a standalone build of it Here.
(Downloads as a zip)

Dungeon Gauntlet

This is a game that I made with 3 other students in a game development class.

We created it using Action Script 3 and the Flixel game engine. I was responsible for level generation, music, and project management.

We posted it on Newgrounds.

As part of the class, I also created a short tutorial on how to use the Flixel engine.

It can be viewed Here.